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About SAM

The Foundation for Agnosticism and Meritocracy (S.A.M.) was initiated in 2007 (RSIN: 818671002).

S.A.M. is located in Amsterdam at the Sarphatikade 12, 1017 WV. Our email address is

The purpose of the Foundation is to improve conditions for those who want to improve their lives on the basis of agnostic and meritocratic principles. This includes material as well as immaterial improvements of the lives of those in need and of artists and other persons, who are looking for further fulfilment of their lives by means of their work. This also involves children in disadvantaged areas and children with certain handicaps.

Donations are made and certain activities are financed, opportunities with regard to education and work are offered.

The Foundation acquires her funds within her circle of family and friends, as well as through dividends from investments and certificates that were donated to the Foundation by the founder.

The board of the foundation manages the funds and approves of the way in which these are spent. The board will carefully consider whether the intended projects are within the scope of the policy of the foundation. Of all projects, the considerations, decisions and donations made will be administered. For example, one-time or prolonged donations can be made to either individuals or to organizations that aspire the same ideas as the foundation.

The board consists of Mr. P.E. Visser, chairman, Mr. B.F.A. de Haas, secretary and Mrs. C.M.G. Huijskes, treasurer. The board members do not receive any remuneration.


The Foundation does not employ any staff.


In March 2011 the Foundation agreed with the University of Leiden as well as Amsterdam to make financial contributions to two projects, ending on 31 August 2015 or as soon as the projects shall have been completed.

The total contribution to each project amounts to € 342,966.


Agnosticism is a philosophical view which does not confirm or reject the belief in supernatural existences. The belief in a god and immortality is unsure and the Agnost is aware of this uncertainty. The word Agnosticism is determined from the Greek language Gnosis (knowing) and the preverb a (no). Literally is an Agnost somebody who (it) doesn’t know, who does not know if there is a god and immortality. This uncertainty is the strengths of Agnosticism and therefore we say; ‘In Doubt We Trust’.

Please read more about agnosticism in the article: The agnostic state: a Model for the whole of Europe? An article by: Paul Cliteur, Gelijn Molier and Machteld Zee


Meritocracy means a governance which is based upon merits (merites, merit). The word is created by Michael Young, who used it in a satirical book The Rise of Meritocracy (1958). In the Western world (Europe and North America) this is more and more seen as an favourable model but in practise not easily to implement because there are many causes for unequal chances for individuals due to family backgrounds, religions, ethnical differences and sexual habits.

The existences of Royal families, and over representation of certain groups in governments is the daily evidence that we do not live in a meritocracy.

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Sarphatikade 12
1017 WV Amsterdam
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